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October 28 2011 6 28 /10 /October /2011 01:41

Julia with her walk stick Julia kindly allowed me to take her photo with 'seat stick'. We found a quiet spot outside Euston where I snapped some photos. Julia and I have been on campaign demos together and I asked her to give me an idea how she used her seat stick and if she could recommend it.


She says:


The seatstick is helpful on outings where I think I may need to be static for a while, as I cannot stand for long.  It is very compact to carry, and lightweight.  It comes in a neat bag and can fit into your own bag, to unfold when required, although you can also use it as a walking stick.  It's not comfortable for very long sits (for me at least) but it's useful when I'm in queue, say, or waiting at a bus stop without a seat.  Also it's good for events (including protests!) where everyone is standing around.  Because you're propped up by your legs you're more or less still at stand-up height, which can be useful for chatting.  It's also good if, like me, you have trouble keeping your knees bent for any length of time - because on the seatstick your legs are more or less straight.
My only gripe with it is that the height of the stick isn't adjustable, and it's a bit too long to be entirely comfortable as a walking stick in my case.
But overall a useful buy. 



A good guide to choosing the right walking equipment is from the Disabled Living Foundation - here is their fact sheet for that.


We are stocking this at the market stall. I am learning step by step which are good products and then the hunt is on for a good supplier which offer the best prices. A slow process but worth it I reckon.

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mobility aids 08/15/2012 18:32

Lucky that she has her seat stick. This mobility aid can help her throughout the day in walking. She can wherever she wanted. Like a walking cane, this one will help some one to walk, but the good
thing here is that it has a seat, so when you get tired you can be seated here.


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