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September 11 2012 3 11 /09 /September /2012 01:02

Guest Blog : Soxon success


 Hello and my name is Robert, and it was suggested to me that I write my story of my troubles with getting socks on and I’m delighted to be able to tell you about my success with Soxon.


To give a little bit of background,  I’m 25 now but since I was born I’ve issues with my mobility and my Father often generically said I had a walking difficulties however the name of my condition is as yet unknown and fully confirmed though its being researched, but it is mostly associated/linked to a condition called Kingdenborough syndrome  but I’ve been told over the last 2 or 3 years by my Doctors that I only have many but not all of the listed symptoms and my recent wee heart condition has made things more unclear and less unlikely in their view it is indeed that condition.


Over my younger and teenage years, the ability to get up off the floor myself without assistance (whether that from a person or a chair/table/bed) waned and after that my way of bending down my leg to get my sock on mysteriously disappeared. I could - and still can to varying extents and soreness and fatigue levels – walk but these things were noticeable and important to bear in mind, I’ve never been that nimble and flexible.


With me not being able to get my socks on, it wasn’t a big issue in the wide scheme of things as I lived at home and if needed, my Mum could help me but in regards to personal pride and my independence therein developed an issue , if I was on my summer holidays from school or college and was wanting to sleep on later then my Mum would have to wake me up and put my socks on my feet. While I was grateful for the assistance, it wasn’t a long term solution.


soxon.pngI didn’t look for a solution admittedly at that point but luckily a scheduled meeting with an NHS OT (occupational therapist) came up with an idea, after explaining I had 1 or 2 issues. I was gifted free on the NHS a ‘soxon’ via the NHS  and after a little bit of practice, my ‘sock thing’ as we nicknamed it at home, gave me the last piece of the jigsaw in regards to my independence to getting changed. Often my shoes were trainers that were already tied but easy to slip on or if smarter shoes, they were usually slip on in style too as many are and the rest of the body I could do even if not always conventional as even now I’ll sit down and pull up my bottom half. 


To use, I fit the sock on the 'soxon' and put my foot in it and then pull up and it seamlessly fits on. There is a video below , though maybe not exactly the same implement: its certainly the same method.


I have now got 2 ‘soxons’ as I ordered another one incase I am wanting to shower in my wetroom during the day downstairs and then get changed again (say, I was going out for dinner and wanted to be fresh) and then I’d have one already downstairs and wouldn’t need to go upstairs (where the original one is kept in my sockdrawer beside my bed for the mornings) as stairs are the bane of my life, and also good to have a back-up one incase I lose one while away somewhere.


If you have issues bending down or other related issues, I’d thoroughly recommend what is a relatively simple invention as it’s taken a pair of socks of a worry off my mind, before I’d have to ask even childhood friends or my Mum, and that’s massive for me.  


Thanks for reading,


Robert Ryan/@Boab10 on twitter



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