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March 26 2012 2 26 /03 /March /2012 02:18

This past week I've been travelling quite a bit for work - meetings and a conference.


I don't drive I use public transport - buses and trains. Sometimes I have a personal assistant (PA) with me but just as often I travel on my own. It depends on their availability to travel with me. And also whether their travelling expenses would also be covered.


Travelling with a wheelchair is fantastic - it allows me to go places where I wouldnt have been able to when I was younger but it has its own challenges. One of my bugbears is luggage - how do you deal with that.


I think I ve got it to a fine art. Firstly, get a good bag. You can use a backpack or a wheelchair bag. You need a charger if you have a power wheelchair and if you are staying more than one night. I have a small dual voltage charger I take with me. Do not forget to have some adaptors with you for Europe. Its amazing how many hotels do not have adaptors. For good measure, take an extension lead. This is from previous experience when the sockets are a distance away from the bed. How are you going to charge up your chair if the electricity supply is in the other side of the room and you need your chair next to you in bed?


I have not even started on clothes yet but take a change of everything. I tend to travel light you can always buy what you need of you get stuck.


http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6209/6123129741_c4d4fa1b61_m.jpgwhat are the essentials? an umbrella if you can hold brollies, or a hat to keep the rain off your head. A raincoat or a poncho. A bottle of water.And a bag for your laptop/ipad and papers and pens - like a  trabasack.The trabasack is especially useful if there is no table with your seat space because it provides a surface for you to put things on.


And your handy RADAR key - you never know when you might be caught short. Very often I wait for trains and you get a take out coffee or tea like everybody else but the trouble is that it is not easy to balance a hot cup of coffee and to drive the wheelchair. I can have a cup holder on my Quickie S525 which was great for that. Otherwise you can ask the rail staff on the train to fetch you one - most times they are obliging.



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mobility aids 07/14/2012 14:19

This is good for a mobility aid. A wheelchair that can carry a luggage for a travel purpose. This will let you carry some of the person's valuable things as he travels outdoors. How I wish anyone
who needs it can afford to have it.


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