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November 14 2011 2 14 /11 /November /2011 02:09

can ipener  Quite a few times I get young people coming to browse, their response is often that they are looking for something for their mum or  nan.

And often enough I get the older generation coming to have a look too. I have been sitting at the stall trying to gauge what people need and gradually I think that whatever I myseld find useful others do so too.


Then it is a case of research to find who does the best deal because the catalogue supplier I use does not always give the best prices.At the beginning I struggled with buying stock - well there are aways cheaper deals online but the good people who goes to the market often tell me they do not use the internet. I am beginning to feel like my training at the public library in Austin is serving me in good stead.


There is the enquiry process. Much like the mum who comes to help their child to do the school assignment to the library,


"we have to do an essay on the weather -can you show us the books on weather?"

"uhm what particular aspects of the weather? climate change? how to tell the weather? geographical aspects of weather and climate?"


Here it is "I am looking for something for my nan/aunt/mum" and the nicest compliment I got was from a man who works in a care home- we couldnt get the product he wanted (it didnt exist as far as we knew because it was to help squeeze a paricular type of toothpaste bought in Japan). He thanked me for the trouble I took to listen to him explain the problem.


Anyway Donna told me that one of the most helpful gadgets she has in her kitchen which she finds indispensable is a one touch can opener and I have to have some in the stall! So now they have arrived. And I am tempted to keep one for myself!

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